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Trampoline Water Sprinkler

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Bullet Points:
1、Fun Water Toys: On hot summer days, this trampoline sprinkler sprays misty water into the trampoline. Perfect water activities for kids, especially birthday parties or large groups.
2、Cool Trampoline Yard toy: The trampoline sprinkler can reduce the temperature of the trampoline by up to 25 degrees. Children will love the backyard water park. Perfect summer toy water games for kids outside.
3、Easy to Install: The zipper that comes with the product simply connects directly to any trampoline net, including two zipper ties to meet your needs.
4、Durable and Safe: The trampoline water park sprinkler is made of high quality UV-treated environmental protective and non-toxic material.
5、Multifunctional Use: The sprinkler is not only children's toys, but also a landscape mist. Fine mist particles suspended in the air move with the wind like clouds mist, appearing from time to time, creating charming landscape effects. Meanwhile, the fine mist particles contain a large number of negative ions. Increasing the oxygen content of the air will greatly create and improve the environment in which people live.

Name: Trampoline Sprinkler
Material: PE
Features: high-pressure spray, artificial mist, disinfection and cooling, air humidification, deodorizing air purification, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy and fast installation
Nominal outer diameter (mm): 100 (Mpa)

Packing List:
Trampoline Sprinkler * 1