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Swimming Lure

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Don’t be fooled by its size, our Swimming Lures are the most versatile secret weapon used by pro-anglers for years.

The secret is not just in the realistic high-resolution body design, or the 3D mesmerizing eyes, but in the steel balls encased inside of the lures.  So when you jerk, crank, and reel in your swim-bait, these steel balls create bopping sounds that travel for miles, forcing ALL game fishes in the area to focus their attention on your bait.  It’s essentially a built-in fish call!


  • Superb Performance In Fresh or Saltwater
  • Ultra High-Resolution Body Detail
  • Holographic Paint Finishes That Glistens
  • UltraSharp TREBLE Hooks
  • 3D Mesmerizing Eyes
  • Fish-attracting fluid swimming action
  • Fish Call Bopping Sound


  • Lure Type: 6/7 Segments Jointed Lure
  • Lure Length: 100 mm / 3.9″
  • Hooks: Rigged with UltraSharp Treble hooks that are known for High durability and flexibility, perfectly suitable for salt and fresh water.  #6 Hook.
  • Upgraded Hooks Rings: Quality Flat Steel Rings





Here’s what we recommend with our lures:

Do 3 casts per lure and at least 9 casts to test the spot quickly.  If nothing is biting, move to a different spot.  Once you find a great spot and you are getting bites, stick with the lure.

After a while, if fishes stop biting, it could be because they became suspicious of that particular lure.  It’s time to change to a different design and you’ll see tons of strikes again.  The myth of a “fished up” spot is exactly that, just change your lure and you’ll see.